About Us

About Crothers Joinery

Crothers Joinery of Benalla has been in business for over 40 years creating precision, high quality made to measure furniture for every room in your home. We offer great service coupled with exceptional value for money.

The design process has come a long way since the 1970s, we now use computer software to visualise your dream kitchen or bathroom so you can see first hand what your furniture will look like before it's even made. We can provide different layouts and dynamically move your new kitchen around within its space so you maximise space and use it efficiently.

Once the design is locked in we then send the details into the workshop where our qualified joiners create your new furniture.

Crothers Joinery offers a wide range of custom-made timber creations for your home. We are a well-established and experienced team with an extensive portfolio of successful projects. Wood is one of mankind's oldest building materials. As the art of carpentry has advanced, new technologies and skills have refined and sophisticated our trade. When you choose Crothers Joinery, you will find a team with deep knowledge and expert skills when it comes to carpentry.

Custom, professional, carpentry, cabinetry and furniture in North East Victoria. We offer custom countertops, custom built cabinets, furniture fabrication, furniture repair, and accessories. Everything is made in Australia and is custom built to your exact specifications.

Just provide us with your brief, and we can build, made-to-order, any timber construction that you wish for.